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  1. I found this great collection of recipesn for children from the Canadian Department of Food and Agriculture

  2. This is a very helpful document. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to print it out for my fridge. I find its so much easier to prepare healthy foods when you have sample ideas right in front of you. I am a very visual person!

    • Masa DeLara says:

      I agree – I’m also very visual and having sample ideas out where I can see them makes it a lot easier to provide healthy foods everyday – and on the fridge is perfect!

  3. I disagree a little (only a little) with this article. I noticed in the healthy snacks they have written yogurt. I think they should have written “plain yogurt” or “no added sugar yogurt” instead. I have noticed that all flavored yogurts at the store are piled high with sugar. Alternatively I always serve a cream top plain yogurt and add the fruit myself (or we just eat it plain or with oats or seeds etc.). Flavored Kefir from the store also has lots of added sugar so does flavored milk. I also think we should educate our children not just on the unhealthy added sugars, fats or salts but also on all the other things that are added to processed foods. For example I once had some candies that contained mineral oil (made from petroleum) of all things. I wish I could reference this but I can’t remember what they are called. They were gummies in the shape of raspberries. I also noticed nuts or nut butters did not make it to the healthy list. If no one is allergic nuts are full of protein and healthy fats. No one in my facility is allergic and we eat nut butters from all sorts of nuts.

    • Masa DeLara says:

      You are so right Melinda – sugars, fats, and salts do have a way of sneaking up on us in large amounts in processed foods; we do need to be vigilant.

      I believe that since nut allergies are so very common nowadays, they do sometimes get left off of lists. How lucky are you that you don’t have any of those allergies in your facility!

  4. Providing healthy snacks for preschoolers feels more complicated than it did a decade ago. I have noticed more and more food preferences by families (which may be based on their culture or just on personal views), and allergies. On the one hand, having parents pack their children’s snacks, in addition to their lunches, would help solve this problem. On the other hand, it is difficult to keep packaged, processed snacks out of the lunches when parents are asked to pack the full days meal requirements. It is also meaningful to prepare snack together and share it.

    I also look at food differently at this later stage of my life. I was raised on the Canada Food Guide and I raised my children on this as well. However, after much research, I changed my diet to vegetarian about 10 years ago, and have been eating a vegan diet for the past year. It is an interesting perspective for me now, looking at nutrition from a non-mainstream approach.

    I definitely grimace when I see how many parents are sending sugary yogurts in their children’s lunch kits because they think that they are nutritional. I used to be one of those parents too!

    • Masa DeLara says:

      Karess, I feel the same way about juice! My sons are now 21 and 23 and when they were young they drank a LOT of juice because I was led to believe that it was healthy. Sometimes I watered it down, but not always. When we know better, we do better!

  5. Totally agree with you Melinda, we often worry about salt, sugar, fats that do not look for other food products.

    However, I have to say that being in such a diverse community I have learned that there might be reasons behind some behaviors. For example, I come for a particularly hot place. We often never worry about the salt as in this context we need it in our body as salt contributes sodium and chlorine, nutrients that help maintain water balance and osmotic pressure in cells. These are necessary for proper body functioning in that setting.

    Karess I agree with you everything seems to be more complicated nowadays. I was impressed when I moved to Canada. I remember back in my days I grew up in the city but still my grandma would cook everything from scracth. We used what we now call “organic” I would simply go to the backyard and pick the basil, mint, lime, or anything we might need for the food at that time.

    I certainly miss those days and I always look for alternative options for our children gardening is such a beautiful experience for them and the fact that they are able to bring it to the table after is priceless.

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